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Inflammation and pain in your body can be directly tied to diet. This is so essential – but often gets overlooked in traditional Physical Therapy spaces.

That’s why Yoga Prehab ® is dedicated to providing seasonal resources for nutrition, anti-inflammatory diets and meal planning. You’ll learn everything you need to optimize your wellness and decrease chronic inflammation through healthy eating!

Yoga Prehab’s ® Functional Nutrition Meal Plans are designed to help cultivate the right system, support, and accountability that fits perfectly for your lifestyle! We want to empower you to discover what your body truly needs so you can finally live life unlimited and get back to what you love!

Plus, we have a Certified Functional Health Coach on staff to make recommendations and assist our members through private sessions!

Join the Yoga Prehab ® Membership today to gain access to these amazing “guilt-free”, seasonal meal plans today!