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YES! I’M SERIOUS!  Through pain science we better understand the root of pain and how to prevent it using techniques provided within this course.  Even if you’re not currently experiencing pain, these easy-to-use techniques can save you from costly trips to the doctor while avoiding future injuries from everyday repetitive motions.

If you have been looking for natural solutions to pain, more stability for your joints, and simple techniques that are easy to learn and apply…THIS IS THE COURSE FOR YOU!

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In this course you will:

  • Get your life back!  These techniques will help you quickly recover from activity and protect your body from injury regardless of your activity level.  Anyone can benefit!
  • Save time and money!  Every technique is simple to learn and easy to apply in 5 MINUTES OR LESS!  You can also avoid expensive trips to the doctor or Physical Therapist.  You would spend hundreds of dollars to learn these techniques otherwise. YIKES!
  • Decrease pain immediately or eliminate it all together!  These techniques work with your nervous system to allow your muscles and tissues to relax, allowing for healing to take place.
  • Learn techniques you can use anywhere, anytime!  You can use many of these techniques at home, in the office, or while traveling.  All you need is the tools recommended in this course (and they’re super inexpensive!)
  • Get Lifetime Access!  You have access to this course for life.  Use it whenever you want — at your own convenience.

Who is this course for:

  • Anyone searching for an effective and easy way to mitigate pain, support the health of their body, and prevent future injuries.
  • All ages!  From athletes to couch potatoes…anyone can benefit from the techniques in this course, regardless of activity level.  We all experience pain at some point and who wouldn’t want to prevent it and address it, right?
  • Those who want to save time and money!  Why waste more time and money on gimmicks and gizmos that don’t really address the issue?!  These are “tried and true” techniques I’ve used over the years to help people bust the pain cycle, gain more mobility, and learn how to self-maintenance to prevent future issues.
  • Those who feel empowered to take the health of their body into their own hands, avoid toxic and expensive pain medications, and gain tools you can use for a lifetime!

Who is this course NOT for:

  • Anyone who is having chronic undiagnosed pain that has not been evaluated by a healthcare provider.
  • Anyone who has skin sensitivity, allergy to adhesives or easily bruised.
  • Anyone with open wounds, active infection or irritation of area of skin to be taped.
  • Anyone with a history of hyper-sensitive skin or pre-existing skin conditions i.e. psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis.
  • Anyone with compromised circulation, especially in specific areas that will be taped or self-released.
  • Anyone with compromised sensation, especially in specific areas that will be taped or self-released.

What’s Inside:

  • 30+ Instructional Videos and Written Instructions.
  • Self-Assisted Massage and Kinesiology Taping Techniques for your: Feet, Ankles, Shins, Knees, Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Hips, You Entire Back and Neck, Shoulders, and Wrists.
  • Learn techniques you can directly apply to support issues with:
    • Plantar Fasciitis
    • Weak Ankles
    • Achilles Tendinitis
    • Shin Splints
    • Knee Pain and Instability
    • Patellar Tendinitis
    • Piriformis Syndrome
    • Hip Flexor Pain
    • Low and Mid Back Pain
    • Neck Pain and Upper Shoulder Pain
    • Poor Posture and Poor Core Support
    • Shoulder Joint Pain
    • Weak Wrists, Wrist Pain and Carpel Tunnel.

What People Are Saying:

“WOW! This was so easy and actually works!  I love how many different ways you can use taping on the body.  I suffer from knee issues and this definitely helped.  Some of those massage releases you teach — OUCH! But I feel so amazing after!  Thanks again Tristan! Loved the Spinal Reset too!” – Jenny A., FL

“I have been in physical therapy on and off for years.  Some of these techniques my PT taught me, but I lost the program he gave me.  This is perfect because I can find it all in one spot instead of searching around the internet for the right stuff to help with my back pain.  You explain it great and make it easy to follow!”  – Tim W., RI

“I’m a desk worker and have been treated for carpel tunnel in the past year.  My hands cramp and tingle throughout the day and I feel like I have to constantly shake them out.  The taping techniques and ball rolling massaging have helped me so much.  I can actually work for an hour straight without having to stop or shake my hands out.  Sweet relief, THANK YOU!” – Maria K., NY

“I have some of your other courses and you always seem to teach me exactly what my body needs!  If you haven’t checked Tristan out, DO IT!  He explains everything so well and he’s actually fun.  Makes learning from him easier.” – Mary L., U.K.

About Tristan Gatto

As a Physical Therapist Assistant and Celebrity Yoga Trainer over the last decade, I have had the pleasure of providing a helping hand in improving the quality of over 125,000+ lives in-person and online. I’ve witnessed first hand how many people spend so much time living with chronic pain vs living with freedom!

Every online course I offer is designed for ALL LEVELS and medically reviewed by leading physical rehabilitation professionals for safety and efficacy. Each offering is developed with an emphasis on easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, time-saving tools you can incorporate immediately into your daily routine.

I live by the motto, “OWN YOUR BADASSERY!” (aka taking ownership and action toward living your best life!)

So why wait any longer to start feeling better?

**This course is medically-reviewed by leading physical rehabilitation professionals for safety and efficacy.**