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Say goodbye to stiff, achy joints – starting now!

This gentle chair yoga course will help you achieve less pain, increase comfort and mobility, and reduce anxiety – with just a few minutes a day.

The chair provides a sturdy base to work on gentle movements to improve joint function, awaken your muscle strength, all while improving your balance and posture! 

By doing these 10 gentle but powerfully effective workouts in a chair, you CAN regain your mobility and strength, without having to get down to the floor.

Each workout builds on one another to strengthen and open your body in different yet complementary ways. By the end, you’ll have built total body stamina, cleansing, balance, and flexibility!

Aging, arthritis, and injury do not mean that you need to slow down. While this course is PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS, it is also suitable for every level of fitness.

No matter where you are on your wellness journey, Chair Yoga for Joint Healing will help you!

This Course is Perfect For you if: 

✔︎ You want to heal and prevent painful, stiff joints from limiting your mobility!

✔︎ You crave an easy, effective, gentle yoga practice from the comfort of your own home!

✔︎ You desire a safer yoga practice to improve your mobility and achieve comfortable movement!

✔︎ You want to optimize your joint health and prevent pain + stiffness before it even begins — the best rehab is prehab!

✔︎ You would like to avoid expensive trips to the Doctor, Physical Therapist, or Chiropractor!

✔︎ You need an easy to understand instructor and a clear “done-for-you” approach to resolving your joint pain and stiffness!

✔︎ Workout safely with Tristan Gatto, Home Healing Expert!

What’s Inside?

10 Easy-To-Follow Chair Yoga Mobility Videos
15-20-min Variations
No Monthly Subscription! (1-time purchase)
Lifetime Access

Lesson 1: Jazzy Joints

    • A warming sequence of flowing movements to open stuck joints and get your whole system moving. This is the beginning of your essential healing practice!

Lesson 2: Motion Is Lotion

    • You’ll learn why many people stretch incorrectly, causing inflammation and pain. Stretch smarter, naturally lubricate your joints, and enjoy the freedom it brings!

Lesson 3: Stability + Balance 

    • Build whole-body stability and optimize your balance to feel stronger when you’re moving throughout your day like…getting out of bed in the morning, getting up from a chair, stepping in and out of the shower, or getting in and out of the car.

Lesson 4: Restore Your Core

    • Your core is crucial to staying strong, standing tall, maintaining balance, and avoiding spinal collapse. This empowering session will gently reawaken your core and instantly activate the deep supporting muscles of your spine.

Lesson 5: Lower Body Strength + Flexibility Booster

    • This workout will gently build leg and lower body strength to leave you feeling more grounded, centered, focused, and stable.

Lesson 6: Immune Boost + Lymphatic Cleanser

    • In this session, you’ll experience the latest movement science that will help you improve your immunity naturally, promote healing more effectively, and rid your body of toxic buildup that can leave you feeling sluggish and inflamed.

Lesson 7: Circulation Optimizer Flow

    • Oxygen is one of the most healing and cleansing tools you have. This energetic flow will pair the magic of yogic breathing with energetic movement that will gently increase your heart rate to support total body oxygenation.

Lesson 8: Spinal Strength + Stability

    • The perfect sequence to engage, strengthen, and stretch the supporting muscles of your spine and improve spinal joint function more safely and strongly.

Lesson 9: Upper Body Strength + Flexibility Booster

    • Instantly boost your upper body strength with this short but transformative arm, chest, upper back and shoulder practice. A little goes a long way, as we target the exact movements needed to increase tone and endurance in the upper body.

Lesson 10: Daily Energy Enhancer

    • This sequence will uplift your energy and build the endurance you need to do more throughout your day. This practice releases nerve and cellular compression so you will experience more vigor and vitality when you’re finished.

Bonus Video Library

    • Once you finish the course, easily access all of your movement videos in one place —  No digging around necessary! You can even easily combine videos for longer workouts as you build your strength and stamina. You’ll see that these workouts will open up for you more and more as you continue practicing.


  • 10 Easy-To-Use, Easy-To-Follow, Non-Intimidating Guided Instructional Videos from Tristan Gatto, Physical Therapist Assistant and Celebrity Yoga Instructor that instantly optimizes your whole-body strength, stability, and everyday mobility.
  • Progressive Training that meets you right where you’re at to gently improve your posture, balance, and range of motion in the comfort of your own home.
  • With these videos, you’ll save so much time and extra effort – following along to the expertly guided lessons is simple and takes no more than 10-15 minutes at a time. No muss, no fuss.

Ready to practice Chair Yoga for Joint Healing together?

This signature combination of yoga and Physical Therapy-based methods are medically recognized and safe for everyone – I walk you through step-by-step, simple-to-follow whole body strengthening and yoga flows to improve your mobility and maximize your comfort.

Each workout acts on your body as a whole, applying optimal anatomy and joint alignment knowledge, so each 10-15 minute session gives you the results of doing a much longer workout, even gently. You’ll find yourself actually enjoying exercise–at the level you truly need.

I want you to feel better in your body and be able to move comfortably – so you can get out there and enjoy all your favorite things!

People Love this course…You’ll love it too!

About Tristan Gatto

As a Physical Therapist Assistant and Celebrity Yoga Trainer over the last decade, I have had the pleasure of providing a helping hand in improving the quality of over 130,000+ lives in-person and online. I’ve witnessed first hand how many people spend so much time living with chronic pain vs living with freedom!

Every online course I offer is designed for ALL LEVELS and medically reviewed by leading physical rehabilitation professionals for safety and efficacy. Each offering is developed with an emphasis on easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, time-saving tools you can incorporate immediately into your daily routine.

I live by the motto, “OWN YOUR BADASSERY!” (aka taking ownership and action toward living your best life!)

So why wait any longer to start feeling better???

**This course is medically-reviewed by leading physical rehabilitation professionals for safety and efficacy.**