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A Simple Guide To Easy Chakra Imbalance Remedies

We know the nervous system is essential to the communication of sensations, including pain, throughout the body. In a blog post a few weeks ago, I introduced the concept of chakras, what they are, and why they are intrinsically linked with our overall well being.  Now, when your chakras are open and balanced, you are […]

How to Heal Your Gut: Consider Colonics

While your body has natural mechanisms and processes for detoxing, sometimes these systems can feel a bit sluggish, especially when it comes to digestion. Ultimately, poor digestion can lead to: Skin trouble Cramping Bloating Water retention Brain fog Joint pain Inflammation Depression Headaches and more! There are many ways to jumpstart and clean out your […]

La Vie en Rose: Why You Should Be Drinking Rose Tea ASAP

Is the hype over rose-infused items qualified? Especially rose tea, I mean, is that even necessary?  In so many words, yes and definitely!  Tea made from the petals and buds of roses deserves a spot in your tea stash. I believe it also serves as a perfectly pleasant, warming, and relaxing tea for the winter […]

5 Reasons You Need HIIT Training

HIIT is…what exactly? High intensity interval training, of course! And yes, it has the potential to maximize the time you spend working out in a very, very real way. Plus, it is easy to do  – pretty much anywhere and everywhere – making it a sustainable exercise routine for anyone. Bodyweight exercises, bursts of cardio, […]

How to Fix Your Tension Headache Fast 

Hmmm, maybe your house is really loud right about now? Or maybe your holiday travel or jetlag left you with a headache? Whatever the reason, having a headache is decidedly not a great way to enjoy the holidays.  So, let’s fix that tension headache of yours and let’s do it quickly! First, grab a soothing […]