A Simple Guide To Easy Chakra Imbalance Remedies

We know the nervous system is essential to the communication of sensations, including pain, throughout the body. In a blog post a few weeks ago, I introduced the concept of chakras, what they are, and why they are intrinsically linked with our overall well being. 

Now, when your chakras are open and balanced, you are a fierce, incredible, badass, ready to take on anything! But, when your chakras are imbalanced, you might not quite be at your very best. This is because when you experience blockages in your existing and normal energy flows, things get thrown off course and your energy centers aren’t able to coordinate properly with the rest of your body. When chakras are blocked, this can affect organs and nerve bundles found in the corresponding areas on the body. 

You may hear people referring to underactive or overactive chakras, which just means that things are a bit out of whack and in need of rebalancing. Here are some easy methods for chakra rebalancing that you can easily implement into your day.

Root Chakra

If your first chakra or “root chakra” is out of balance, you may be feeling disconnected and unwilling to compromise. Some describe a sensation of heaviness as if you are dragging yourself around, feeling emotionally and/or physically weighed down. Usually reconnecting with yourself through meditation is advised. I would recommend “taking 5” as often as you can – either taking 5 long, deep, grounding breaths or, when you are able to, take 5 minutes to close your eyes and really notice how and what you are feeling. 

Sacral Chakra

When your sacral chakra is imbalanced, you might find yourself less enthusiastic about things you are passionate about, experiencing low libido, and even lacking a feeling of deeper connection. Focusing on fostering a healthy sex-life can help, as can showing a lot of self-care to yourself and to your body. Sometimes engaging in something creative can also help rebalance this chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra

This third chakra of your core being off can make you feel argumentative or super shy. You may feel very defensive or attacked by things that might normally not bother you. To recenter this chakra you can try working through warrior flows, focusing on engaging your core and staying tall through your spine. Be sure to give your gut and digestive system some additional TLC as well!

Heart Chakra

The fourth chakra being imbalanced can really make you feel frazzled. It often displays itself as either a serious lack of compassion for others or as overwhelming anxiety about the well being of others. Try an open heart pose, like camel pose or cobra pose to help your heart center open up in a healthy way. I created a special Heart Opening Flow just for this chakra. 

Throat Chakra

This fifth chakra can present itself as over-communicative or under-communicative, either talking way too much or not expressing yourself enough. Try concentrated and deep listening to others and work to clearly communicate your needs and feelings in a concise way.

Third Eye Chakra

Sometimes when your third eye is off, you may feel skeptical, unsure, or be less open-minded to new thoughts and opinions. Try meditative mindsets, taking just a few moments or minutes to breathe deeply. It doesn’t need to be fancy, but I find that slowing down and practicing deep breathing is beneficial for my nervous system and alignment of my sixth chakra. 

Crown Chakra 

The seventh chakra being out of sorts may leave you feeling disconnected to any sort of spirituality that you identify with or really detached from the world around you. Some meditative mindset moments can help, as can inversions. For a super easy inversion, try with your legs up a wall to help rebalance your crown chakra. 

I’ve seen and experienced such impressive and impactful results from chakra balancing, which is what inspired me to create the 7 Day Chakra Cleanse, a course designed to give you that physical and mental reset that you have been craving!

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